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DIY kit - lobster

DIY kit - lobster

Product Code: 254502980
  • Height: 5,50 cm
  • Width: 15,50 cm
  • Length: 25,00 cm

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  • Cool, exotic and elegant at the same time. Put together these friendly 3D puzzle paper insects and they are a real eyecatcher in your interior. Ready to make your own interior design project?
  • This 3D puzzle kit contains all parts to assemble the Lobster without glue. The lobster body is made of black cardboard. The shields, made of metallic stunning red paper.
  • Lobsters are best known as a delicacy, but they are also beautiful animals. Lobsters are shy and prefer to hide to avoid daylight. At night they go out to collect food and can smell very well where bait is located. They mainly navigate with their nose and antennae because they see very little in the dark. Lobsters are also known for their cannibalism and are constantly arguing and battling over females & food.

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