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We would like to introduce our team to you! We are known internationally as one of the premier taxidermy- studios and taxidermy-shops. 

Erwin van Zoelen

Founder/ Owner/ Qualified taxidermist

Driven by his passion for nature and taxidermy Erwin van Zoelen founded de Museumwinkel.com in 2010 to bring everyone a little closer to nature. He’s been cleaning and articulating skulls and skeletons since he was young and from there he started specializing in the art of taxidermy. 

As a certified taxidermist Erwin focuses on the stuffing of large mammals and birds like rheas, cranes, ostriches, deer and African trophies, and occasionally also smaller animals. Additionally, over the yearsErwin has specialized in restoring antique specimen, giving them back their shine.

When your passion becomes your profession, wonderful things happen...

Sophie Kiela

Qualified taxidermist/ Dutch Champion Taxidermy

Sophie Kiela was formerly a bio technician, but now she has put her heart into the art of taxidermy. She’s been in the craft since 2005, with Erwin van Zoelen showing her the ropes. She is amongst top taxidermists in the Netherlands. Sophie mostly focusses on the taxidermy of birds, but she has also specialized in the preparation of small to fox-sized mammals and insects.  in 2015 ánd in 2019, she has won the Dutch championships of taxidermy, with her mounted bird  and even being deemed “Best of Show”. 

Together with our taxidermists Rick Way and Wesley Kevenaar, Sopie Kiela received a special award for Most Artistic Entry with their stunning collective taxidermy piece, featuring 2 magpies and a wolverine, on the European Taxidermy Championships in 2018.

Nicolette Naphausen


Nicolette Naphausen takes care of the management of de Museumwinkel.com and, together with Erwin van Zoelen, supervises the processes in the company. In addition to her main responsibilities in running the company and setting overall product strategy, she remains actively involved in the sales, design, and product teams within the organization.

Nicolette is driving the company’s vision of Taxidermy with talent faster than ever. She holds a Master of Arts from the University of Nijmegen and she has a keen eye for quality, design and taxidermy. With her knowledge and enthusiasm on nature, she can offer extensive advice. She herself is an enthusiastic collector of modern and Victorian taxidermy .

Rick Way

Qualified taxidermist/ Dutch Champion Taxidermy

Rick Way specializes in the taxidermy of small and medium-sized birds. He’s been awarded twice with the title of Dutch Champion Taxidermy, clearly showing the precision and accuracy he puts into his work. 

Together with our taxidermists Wesley Kevenaar and Sopie Kiela, Rick Way received a special award for Most Artistic Entry with their stunning collective taxidermy piece, featuring 2 magpies and a wolverine, on the European Taxidermy Championships in 2018.

Rick does taxidermy the way it's meant to be done. He has a great deal of reference and hands on experience, both in the field and in the studio. Each animal is treated with a lot of respect. That is why he is often asked to do taxidermy work for collectors and museums.

Willem Leenders

Junior taxidermist

Willem Leenders assists our taxidermists in our workshop, making sure that the to-be-mounted animals are well prepared for his colleagues. He is also specializing in the art of taxidermy. He received an honorable mention at the Dutch Taxidermy Championships of 2017 and aims to become a professional taxidermist. He has great interest in birds of prey and loves flying with his Harris's hawk, which helped him get a good critical eye in bird anatomy. 

In addition to helping our taxidermists, Willem is responsible for the assembly of our domes with mounted butterflies, turning them into colourful pieces of art.

Daphne Plugers- Horstink

Assistent taxidermist

 Daphne is ons team komen versterken en ondersteunt ons in het prepareer klaar maken en opzetten van zoogdieren. Als geboren en getogen Arnhemse heeft ze op de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (ArtEZ) productvormgeving gestudeerd. Tijdens de Nederlandse kampioenschappen prepareren heeft zij een eerste prijs gewonnen met haar opgezette muskusrat

Ze geeft de dieren ook hun kleurrijke schoonheid terug, door ze op professionele wijze te airbrushen. 

Lara Lem

Administratie/ Sales

Lara Lem offers us great support at the office. Because of the many educations she followed, combined with years of experience in accountancy and automation, she organizes the administration and the personnel department of our store in a structured and well-organized way. Thanks to her broad knowledge of sales and administration and her view on interior design, she can always provide you with good advice.

Lara is always full of anthousiasm and always willing to help you with everything! 

Emma van Grinsven

Shop manager 

Emma van Grinsven is very passionate about the animal world. With her knowledge of fauna, she can give everyone who comes into the store suitable advice. Emma is a real organizer: she knows the ins and outs of the store and ensures that our service is always top quality. Thanks to her, the departments in our shop are communicatively well connected.

Together with her colleagues, Emma helps the clients in the store and takes care of the web shop and interior.

Patrick Vos

Insect and Butterfly department

Patrick Vos is responsible for the department of butterflies and insects. When you order a butterfly on the web shop or at our store, Patrick frames it for you with the greatest precision.

Patrick also is very experienced in preserving insects and butterflies, making sure that we can offer the best quality to you. He is learning to become a specialized entomologist. 

Cile Pelters

Shop assistant
With a background in sports and nature education, Cile always knows how to surprise customers with intriguing stories about our animals and other products. Ever since she was little, she has had a fascination for everything from the natural world and especially for taxidermy.

Feel free to ask her any question about our products, for she will certainly know the answer! 

In addition to being knowledgeable about flora and fauna, Cile also possesses some creative talent. In addition, she is happy to frame our butterflies and other insects for you.

Together with et colleagues, Cile ensures that you are well assisted and that the store has a tasteful appearance.

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