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How do you frame butterflies?

How do you frame butterflies?

Nowadays, framed butterflies  are often used as home decor.


Mounted butterflies have been prepared in a distinctive manner. After being mounted, they can be exhibited in different ways. You can choose to put them in a special insect box or they can be placed in a frame.

The framing of butterflies is a very delicate task because the butterflies can be very fragile. That is why it is best to ask a trained entomologist to do this. 

An entomologist or a taxidermist knows how to handle the fragile animals. He also has a lot of knowledge about the butterflies and he can advise you on which butterflies to choose or to combine in a list. He also makes use of suitable frames or insect boxes. These are made with UV glass and acid-free paper, so that the butterflies are are well conserved.