Where can I mount my pet?

What do you do when your pet dies and cremation or burial doesn't feel like the right choice. It is possible to choose to have your pet stuffed and give it a second life. But where can you do this?

You can contact a qualified taxidermist for this. It is important here that you are well informed. Check whether the taxidermist  has sufficient experience and knowledge. A good taxidermist will also guide you through the process.

Also, don't wait too long before contacting, as your pet must be frozen quickly to avoid damage to the animal.


In principle, all animals can be mounted. From cat to horse and from parakeet to chameleon.

hond opzetten

huisdier opzetten

kat opzetten - taxidermie

Husidier opzetten

huisdier opzetten - opgezette hond

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huisdier opzetten

huisdier opzetten

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huisdier op laten zetten

huisdier op laten zetten

huisdier op laten zetten

Laat u huisdier opzetten - hond

Laat u geliefde huisdier opzetten - kat

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