Mounted golden pheasant

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Height: 38 cm

Width: 17 cm

Length: 85 cm

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If you are a lover of unique and beautifully coloured things, this golden pheasant is the perfect choice. One of Mother Nature's most recognisable birds can now shine in your home.

Chrysolophus pictus

Origin: China 

Golden pheasants are birds that live mainly on the ground, but also roost in trees. They can fly, but only for short distances and rather clumsily. This is why they prefer to run and hide. What is remarkable, however, is that when startled, golden pheasants will leap into the air like a cat!

Taxidermy as stylish interior decoration. Bring nature into your home in a responsible way at De

Prepared by our own taxidermists, two of whom are Dutch champions.

If you are looking for a stuffed animal that is not in the webshop, please contact us. We also do taxidermy work on commission!

All our animals have died a natural death in zoos or aviaries, or come from private individuals. Our animals are certified and come with all the necessary papers.