1 May - Demo day with our taxidermist, Daphne.

1 May - Demo day with our taxidermist, Daphne.

Wednesday, 1st of May Taxidermy Demo Day; Mammals

See a mammal being mounted live!
On Wednesday the 1st of May our award-winning mammal taxidermist Daphne Plugers will be giving free taxidermy demonstrations in our shop!

Daphne, who specialises in pet taxidermy, achieved the highest score in her category at the Dutch Championships in April 2024 and went home with the most awards of the championship. She competed with a Kangal Boerboel dog, a dwarf mongoose and a fox mongoose.
But how does this taxidermy, or mounting, work? Daphne is going to show you! On Wednesday May 1st, during the May holidays, Daphne will demonstrate. All ages are welcome to come along, watch and ask questions.

There is no need to sign up.

Just drop by the shop at Van Welderenstraat 114 in Nijmegen.

E. [email protected]
T. 024 360 0506
10.30 - 16.00 hrs.
The Museumwinkel.com
Van Welderenstraat 114
6511 MT Nijmegen