Dutch Champion Taxidermy 2024

Dutch Champion Taxidermy 2024

We have a new Dutch champion!

We were represented at this year's Dutch Championships by taxidermists Daphne and Lucas. They won great prices during the event held on April 6th.

Award-winning taxidermists

Skeleton taxidermist Lucas Boer clinched the title of Dutch Champion with his Northern Gannet. He also received the highest scores in various skeleton categories, including a Eurasian Eagle-Owl with a Wood Pigeon. His work was also honored with the Best of Show award!

Mammal taxidermist Daphne Plugers, specializing in pet taxidermy, also received the titel Dutch Champion and the highest scores in her categories and walked away with the most awards from the championships. She showcased a Kangal Boerboel dog, a dwarf mongoose, and a meerkat.

During the Dutch Championships Dutch taxidermists could submit their work for the Dutch Taxidermy Championships, which takes place every two years.

The exhibitions set up during the championships serve as a huge source of inspiration. It's a great opportunity to meet other taxidermists and share experiences.

Pet Taxidermy

Taxidermy of a beloved pet can aid in the grieving process. It can provide comfort knowing the pet is still present in the household, thus reducing the sense of loss. This is a very personal experience, varying for each individual. Owners sometimes get emotional when bringing in their pets. People often want to share their stories, which is completely understandable.

The taxidermists at De Museumwinkel.com are acutely aware of the strong bond between the animal and its owner. They take ample time to discuss all steps and possibilities. Photos and videos are reviewed together to ensure the most accurate representation.

Taxidermist Sophie Kiela (33) mentions that pet taxidermy is challenging: "When you have a pet mounted, it's an animal you've watched for years. They have certain facial expressions and emotions. By recreating them as accurately as possible, you bring back the personality of the animal." Fortunately, owners are always very satisfied when they come to pick up their mounted pets.

Seventh consecutive win!

This marks the seventh time that multiple taxidermists from De Museumwinkel.com have won awards at the Taxidermy Championships. Previously (2015, 2017, 2019, 2021), they were crowned Dutch champions at the NK Taxidermy, and they have also won many prizes at the European Taxidermy Championships (2018 and 2023).

Demo Day

Want to see Daphne in action? De Museumwinkel.com is organizing a taxidermy demo day on May 1st, 2024, where you can visit the shop in Nijmegen and watch Daphne at work!


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