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Glass domes or display cases

Glass domes or display cases

Some tips for using glass domes or display cases in your Interior

Museums all agree for ages: glass domes are ideal for exhibiting collections and special items. Nowadays it is a real trend in the Interior world to place objects in a glass dome. Mainly butterflies in a glass dome are very popular.

The gleaming glass of the domes ensures that the exhibited object seems delicate, so you see it with different eyes. Your precious item comes at a relatively simple way to its fullest. And the object that is exhibited in the glass dome is also well protected against dust.

We have several antique glass domes where we can place all sorts of items in. For example, all the butterflies on our webshop we can place in decorative domes; choose your butterflies and glass dome of your choice. But also different shells, mounted animals, skulls, skeletons and porcupinefish are very stylish in a glass dome. It's very personally how you want to organize your glass dome. The item is very different in a quiet glass dome than in a glass dome with many objects. This is a matter of taste and will depend on your Interior. If you are in doubt you can always ask us for advice.

You will notice that glass domes are not cheap. This has to do with the quality and finish. In addition, the glass domes are antique unique objects and difficult to obtain. They have a stylish look, both in a modern as in a classic interior design. It is important to invest in good quality. In this way, you can enjoy them for years.

Alternatively, instead of using a glass dome it is possible to place an object in a square or rectangular glass display case. At De we can make this on request for you. A glass display case also has a very stylish look. Do you have special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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