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Interior trends & taxidermy - winter 2022

Interior trends & taxidermy - winter 2022

Taxidermy in your interior

What to expect when it comes to the upcoming interior trends for winter 2022? And how do  our mounted animals and other natural items fit in? 
For many, today's hardened society and the new lockdown evoke a need for connection,  familiarity, equality and safety. All of this is reflected in this winter's home decor trends; people  want to be embraced by their interior. 


What we probably need most this winter is warmth. And we don’t just mean the warmth we get  by turning on the heating. Temperature and climate play an important role in the house indeed,  but a warm atmosphere  is equally important.
A comfortable effect can be created by  incorporating warm hues and natural and soft materials into the interior -- something our  animals skins are particularly useful for! They enhance qualities like softness and safety, as  such creating that warm aestethic we want to surround ourselves with.
Mounted birds and  other animals also contribute to this, both through their authentic colors and shapes, and,  again, the silken softness of textures such as fur and feathers.   

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Unforeseen and stressful changes currently taking place in the world call for a counter-reaction.  The traditional trend is on the rise.
Home used to be a place to withdraw, but now  work as well as the combination of social activities and rest will take place in the same space.  A familiar atmosphere is very important in that respect.
One can’t go wrong with mounted  animals and butterflies, which have been used for years in all kinds of interiors, varying from  classic Victorian to modern 21st century.

The natural colors of our taxidermy items create a  familiar and natural environment in the home,  transforming it into a peaceful world where  today's stress is far away. 


So, many designs for the interior and for decorative items in 2022 are, once again, nature-  inspired. The use of natural materials and organic forms is very important. Interior designers  aim to bring nature into the home, as such creating a soothing, inspiring realm where one can  both relax and work.
Our stuffed butterflies in bell jars or stunning stuffed birds contribute  perfectly to that! 

Research shows that natural color schemes and organic forms like those found in nature

reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and

makes us happier.” -


As we spend more time at home, the need for a unique place that is completely customized to the individual’s liking becomes increasingly important.
Not only in practical terms, but certainly also in terms of personal taste - considerably more sustainable than following one fleeting trend after the other!

The values long-term environmental sustainability and likes to give animals and natural objects a second life. We offer unique items for your home or office which you will not easily get tired of! 

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