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The trend in interior

The trend in interior

The interior trend of 2020!

Last January, the semi-annual home decor and design event Maison et Objet took place. Our team traveled to Paris this year to present our products, but also to get inspired by the newest trends in interior and design.

As a lover of lifestyle and interior, the impressive exhibition building is definitely the place for you. The fair has no fewer than eight halls which are filled to the brim with the latest collections of furniture, textiles and accessories. During our visit, we were able to discover various interesting new trends, some of which we already actively incorporate in our collection. Eye-catching prints, many colors and the emphasis on nature and sustainability were striking features. It is therefore not surprising that the 'urban jungle' theme seemed to be the highlight of the interior trends of 2020.

Taxidermy & Zero-waste policy

This is a development that makes us very happy. First of all, of course, because sustainability is also one of our top priorities. Our stuffed animals originate from various European zoos and aviaries and they have died of natural causes. By giving these animals a ‘second life’, the deceased animals are not destroyed or thrown away: a true zero-waste policy.

Taxidermy & Upcycling

We also consider upcycling and quality to be very important. Therefore, we strive to re-use everything from our animals. In addition, our high-quality products have a long lifespan, so that they are able to survive various trends and the test of time with ease. In short, we deliver products with a sustainable character.

Taxidermy & Urban jungle

In addition, our colorful butterflies, tropical birds and other natural products fit very well within an "urban jungle" interior. Prints with animals and plants on textiles and wallpaper, figurines, candlesticks and ornaments in the form of tigers, birds and insects can nowadays be found in every interior shop. Our taxidermy items have already claimed the spotlights in various interiors and many of our unique products are incorporated in various interior designs.

Taxidermy & Prints

We have already seen that Essenza home beautifully processes our dried butterflies in unique interior designs. We would therefore like to share their sense of color and material with you through a look at their lookbook. Our butterflies are a fitting addition to the prints and flowers they use in their beautiful fabrics.

Taxidermy & Hotels

Exotic stuffed animals are also regularly used by interior designers to decorate hotels. The items can be seen in many spaces, dining rooms, rooms, toilets, etc. The rooms and restaurant of boutique hotel Box5 in Nijmegen, for example, are beautifully decorated with stuffed animals and butterflies

Taxidermy & Interior

Interior store Homestock is also a great source of inspiration for the colorful trends of 2020. Here wallpaper in the most beautiful prints is combined with unique interior decoration, in which our taxidermy items also fit beautifully. We regularly collaborate with Homestock to show how interior and taxidermy can come together to create a colorful and warm whole.

Looking for more inspiration for your interior in 2020? Feel free to visit our store in Nijmegen, and let one of our employees advise you.

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