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NEW: Private collection exhibition!

NEW: Private collection exhibition!

Always wanted to stand 'nose to nose' with an ancient shrunken head? Or want to know why a horseshoe crab is also called a 'living' fossil? Come along and take a look in our new museum store at the!


For years we have been getting all kinds of questions every day about our stuffed animals and naturalia from our unique assortment. Almost all items tell fascinating stories that go back millions of years. For a long time we have been walking around with the desire to share these stories with you.  The corona-lockdown turned out to be the perfect moment to transform part of our store into a real natural history museum, where we can display our personal private collection for the general public and share the stories.


Curious facts

On the basis of fun facts, we take you through our private collection and range. For example, you will discover that the Atlas butterfly, one of the darlings among butterflies, has drawings of snake heads on the tips of both wings. In this way they scare off attackers who will not chase them. Birdwings seem to have their own way of keeping enemies at bay. These butterflies have a bird-like flight so they know how to camouflage themselves. In the museum you will also find a well-kept secret of young dolphins. As true rebellious adolescents, they hold the hedgehog fish in their mouths for a few hours, which puts them in a kind of trance. This they then pass on to conspecifics. An interesting bonding activity....


Shrunken heads & Coco de Mer

We have recently expanded our private collection with a number of shrunken heads, or human heads prepared in a very special way. One of these shrunken heads even dates back to around 1880 from the Jivaro Indians in the Amazon region. There are also a number of rare Coco de Mers on display, coconuts that look suspiciously like a certain body part. Stop by soon and be seduced by this sensual coconut.


Be surprised!

We proudly present this new natural history museum section in our store, where history, taxidermy and the animal kingdom come together. Be surprised by all the facts and make it a fun family outing in Nijmegen!


Admission is free.


For more information:


T. 024 360 05 06

E. [email protected]

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Opgezette dieren en fossielen in Natuurhistorisch museum Nijmegen
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