The biggest egg ever!

The biggest egg ever!


The biggest egg known to man… is on display at in Nijmegen!

The egg in question belongs to the elephant bird. The creature, native to Madagascar and standing over three meters tall, is known as the largest avian creature ever. What further adds to the extraordinary quality of its egg, is the general assumption that the elephant bird has been extinct for at least several centuries. An elephant bird’s egg measures about 31 centimeters and weighs a couple of kilos – in other words, 150 times the volume of a chicken’s egg! proudly presents its recent acquisition – one of only forty elephant bird’s eggs currently discovered! In addition to that, most elephant bird’s eggs are found incomplete and shattered in pieces. The egg that is on display at, however, is practically whole. A very special egg indeed!

If this can’t persuade you to pay a visit, the following undoubtedly can. The elephant bird’s egg is part of the museum’s new exposition of its private collection. Unique objects that are currently on display include several so-called shrunken heads (real human heads prepared by the Jivaroan tribes of the Amazon), an ancient mummified cat, and a rare and ferocious goliath tigerfish, seemingly diving straight out of a horror movie.

Come visit and stare in wonder! is open six days a week and every last Sunday of the month. Free entrance! 

Both a museum and a shop, offers unique items such as mounted animals including an abundance of butterfly species, minerals, shells, and a wide variety of natural historical rarities. is located on Van Welderenstraat 114 in midtown Nijmegen.


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